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Best Platforms for remote base jobs

The best Platforms for remote base jobs are Fiverr, Guru, Cometocode, and Internee. Inflation is getting very high in Pakistan. Due to inflation, every beginner wants to start and so do any jobs. In priority, they are agog to go ahead with remote base work because remote base works are easy to do. After all, in remote base jobs, we do not need to go out or there is no need to get up early in the morning.

In this blog, we are definitely going to discuss on this controversial topic Remote Base work or jobs. If you are tempted to do online work and if you are searching for the best websites or platforms for remote base jobs then this article is going to be interesting and incredible for you. Today we are lucky; we are going to find the best website for remote base jobs.

You can work by sitting at home. There are many merits of remote base jobs. First, discuss the best platforms regarding remote work.


The first website where you can find the remote base jobs easily is CometoCode. CometoCode offers different and astounding remote base jobs if you are looking forward to an authentic and trusted website then you must go ahead with CometoCode. It is a Pakistani digital marketing website and offers you different digital services along with software development. In order to make the most of this website. First of all, search cometocode.com then visit the website afterward go in to the jobs section where different live jobs are updated along with the jobs description.


The second platforms which is also supposed to be a trustworthy, it is named as Fiverr is renowned for its authenticity and security. It is an Israel freelancing platform. It also provides the remote base project. You can do both things in Fiverr. If you want to get the work done then you can get the project done by Fiverr and if you are looking forward for the online work or freelancing then you can do. First you have to create account on Fiverr and after then upload some gigs regarding your profession and expertise.


We are discussing the best platforms for freelancing in Pakistan. It is named Internee. pk. Internee is also a Pakistani website where you can do remote base work but it may be internships and you may get paid for it. This website offers internships in Pakistan. You should keep in touch with this website to get trusted and guaranteed internships in Pakistan.


In Pakistan Guru is getting popular day by day. It is also a freelancing website where experts and beginners are available. You can start freelancing by using Guru. You can offer your different services and can earn money online easily. You don’t need to spend your fuel to get out. Just do freelancing by sitting at home.


Q1: What is remote work?
A1: Remote work is a type of job that allows you to work from anywhere, usually from home, instead of going to a physical office. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Q2: Why is remote work popular in Pakistan?
A2: Remote work is popular in Pakistan because it offers flexibility, saves commuting time and costs, and provides opportunities to earn in foreign currencies, which can be more lucrative given the high inflation.

Q3: What are the benefits of remote work?
A3: The benefits of remote work include:

Flexibility to work from anywhere.
No need for daily commuting, saving time and money.
Ability to set your own working hours.
Better work-life balance.
Opportunity to work with international clients and earn in different currencies.
Q4: What are some reliable platforms to find remote jobs in Pakistan?
A4: Some reliable platforms for finding remote jobs in Pakistan include:

  • CometoCode: A Pakistani website offering various remote jobs, especially in digital marketing and software development.
  • Fiverr: An international freelancing platform where you can offer services and get paid for projects.
  • Internee.pk: A platform focused on internships in Pakistan, which can be a good starting point for beginners.
  • Guru: Another freelancing platform where you can find a wide range of projects and clients.

Q5: How do I get started on CometoCode?
A5: To get started on CometoCode:

  • Visit the website at cometocode.com.
  • Navigate to the “Jobs” section.
  • Browse through the available job listings and read the job descriptions.
  • Apply for the jobs that match your skills and interests.

Q6: How does Fiverr work?
A6: Fiverr allows freelancers to offer services (called gigs) in various categories. Here’s how to get started:

Create an account on Fiverr.com.
Set up your profile and create gigs showcasing your skills and services.
Potential clients will browse your gigs and place orders for your services.
Complete the projects and get paid through Fiverr.
Q7: What type of work can I find on Internee.pk?
A7: Internee.pk primarily offers internships in various fields. These internships can sometimes be paid and provide valuable work experience. It’s a good platform for students and fresh graduates looking to start their careers.

Q8: Is Guru suitable for beginners?
A8: Yes, Guru is suitable for both beginners and experienced freelancers. You can create a profile, list your skills, and start bidding on projects that match your expertise.

Q9: How can I ensure I get paid for my work on these platforms?
A9: To ensure you get paid: Use platforms with built-in payment protection systems like Fiverr and Guru.
Clearly define the project scope and payment terms before starting any work.
Keep all communications and transactions within the platform to avoid scams.
Q10: Can I work on multiple platforms simultaneously?
A10: Yes, you can work on multiple platforms simultaneously to maximize your opportunities. Just make sure to manage your time effectively to meet all your deadlines and commitments.



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