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Blogger Vs WordPress 2024

Blogger and WordPress both are the best platforms but WordPress is the king. WordPress offers different customization, themes, and layout.

As you know blogging is not easy it is important to have a good platform for blogging in this article we are going to discuss that the blood form is better for blogging on wordpress or Blogger as you know WordPress and Blogger are both trendy and renowned platforms for blogging but we are going to discuss some pros and cons of both website.

Let’s discuss WordPress first as we know very well that WordPress has two different varieties. The first is the.com version and the second one is the.org version the.com version is supported and maintained by the SaaS platform on the other hand,.org is supposed to be the open-source version. As a blogger good things and better layouts are essential.

Pros of WordPress

Now discuss the flexibility and customization WordPress is first in terms of providing the best flexibility and customizations in WordPress there are different customizations available.

  • There are varieties of themes in WordPress that help bloggers to customize their writing skills.
  • As far as WordPress is concerned so in WordPress there are different authentic SEO tools and plugins like you which enhance search engine visibility.
    • It gives us complete safeguard and control access over the websites and website content as well.
    • It provides different kinds of support tutorials and forums as well to help people.
    • There is also amazing scalability if you use WordPress because you can handle small blocks to a large corporate website it allows this website to grow according to the needs.
    • Regular updates are possible in WordPress with the help of regular updates you can get you can security updates performance and new features updates.
    • If you are searching for the best powerful plugins you can get all the games in WordPress like Woo Commerce.
    • Multimedia support of WordPress is better than Blogger because it supports a large variety of media types like images videos and audio if you use WordPress you know very well that it is conducive for you to manage your content easily.

Cons of WordPress

WordPress has a pros and cons as well now discuss the cons of using WordPress it is difficult and complex for the beginner. If you are a beginner so it may be it may be tasking for you to handle WordPress because it consists of different complex features and functions.

Pros of Blogger

Blogger is a cup of tea for beginners it has a user friendly interface which is really suitable for all beginners. In blogger you have free hosting there is no need to pay for hosting. BLogger has also seamless integration with other services like AdSense Google analytics and Google drive as well. As per as the blogger is concern so it is supposed to be a simple way because you can start  straight forward blogging by using blogger without any need for the extensive customization and functions.

Google AdSense approval is available in blogger. It has basic associating which is essential for the content optimization.

Con of Blogger

As like WordPress blogger has also cons let discussed some cons of blogger in blogger there are just few things and customize station options are available. If you are not a beginner so it is useless for you because there is a SEO limitation and feature limitation.



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