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How to do SEO on the website?

SEO’s full form is search engine optimization. SEO is also a technique used to optimize content and help search engines to rank your website. For example, you have a business of clothes, you sell clothes and you are a clothier. You got the website built and now you want to do SEO on your website. To start SEO, you have to first understand that there are three main types of SEO.

The first type is On-page SEO which plays a vital role in ranking your website. The second type is Off Page SEO and technical SEO is also a part of SEO. If you are an SEO expert, then you can rank your website by doing SEO but if you are not an SEO expert then you will have to get the SEO done.

SEO is the best way to get the perfect audience.

In this modern having a website is not a big deal. Getting the right audience is a big deal and it is not a cup of tea if you are agog to get the right audience then you should go ahead with SEO. SEO is the best technique it ensures that your website audience reaches its right audience. With the help of SEO, you can get the perfect audience for your business.

In this article, we will discuss how you can start doing on your website. To start doing SEO in your website you have to consider all steps helpful and beneficial and you must have to follow these all step mentioned below.

Understand SEO

The first step to start doing SEO is to understand SEO if you don’t have knowledge on SEO you cannot do SEO on your website SEO is the practice of enhancing any website to rank better on search engine result or search engine like Google etc.

Keyword Research

Without keyword research you cannot start SEO . Keyword research are supposed to be the foundation of SEO. It is the basic need of ranking. Following are the steps to research keywords.

  • You have to use tool for keyword research like Google Planner, Ahrefs of SEMrush.
  • Study your competitor give us and look your competitive word at which keywords your competitors are ranking.
  • ¬†At the beginning focus on long tail keywords which are less competitive and more common.

On Page SEO

Haunted SEO is another as you technique which is used to rank better and get more relevant and perfect traffic to your website.On-page SEO includes title text, meta description header tags H1, H2 and H3, keyword placement and image optimization .

Content Creation

If the content of your website is not authentic unique and perfect to your customer then you website cannot be rank on google content creation is the key element to ranking on any search engine it is critical for SEO. SEO-friendly content include originally readability,multimedia, internal linking and regular updates.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is known as bacon SEO because it focuses on the structure of the website the key aspects of technical SEO are mobile friendliness, site map, site speed, robots.txt, and https. Make sure your website is SEO friendly, mobile friendly, and has a good speed, having XML site map, robot txt and https as well.


Follow these techniques to elevate your website ranking on a search results I hope this article is helpful for you Stay tuned with CometoCode



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